Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t anticipate the app you have downloaded to have any issues however here are answers to some common questions that may arise from using Alif Baa

How do I change the color of the Arabic letters?

The Arabic letters in the app can be changed in color by accessing settings and selecting “choose color”

How do I check my child's progress?

In order to track progress scoring must be enabled.

Your child’s progress can be viewed on the leaderboard section which can be accessed via the settings.  Here you can also see top 10 rankings of all users that are playing the game globally…see if you and your friends can get to the top of the leaderboard

PS: scores must be submitted for progress tracking

Why is the sounds not working?

The number one reason the sound isn't working is that the physical switch on your device is set to mute. Here's how to fix it:

Locate the switch on the side of the device, right next to the volume control

Flip the switch back and forth a few times. You should see a speaker turn on and off on your device as you do this.

Make sure you end up where the speaker is not muted.

How do I make the games more difficult?

The games can be adjusted for difficulty by doing the following from the settings

  • Switching of “Display Hints”
  • Switching on “Random Order”
  • “Enabling Scoring”

Is the game safe?

The game is totally compliant to current standards of privacy and data protection, there are no advertisements and neither is the child exposed to any third party links. Additional no information is shared with any third party bodies.

Can I suggest a feature?

Absolutely, we are committed to providing a gaming experience which puts the child in the driving seat, all suggestions to improve the will be duly considered for incorporation.

We want to create educational gaming apps that are precisely crafted by parents and kids that use them.

Are you still struggling with your app?

Contact our support team for further assitance....