What we believe in

Our Ethos

 To be the leading Islamic educational app provider, by delivering fun and playful learning objectives, through various learning techniques

Our Vision

Our ambition at Alif Baa is to create fun and enjoyable games that children love to play.  At the heart of each game is learning of the highest standard, which can be tailored to individual children.  We believe learning should be fun and an experience parents and children can enjoy together.

Children are immersed in technology, we design and create products that are tailored to enhance learning thus creating a positive learning experience.

Our Background

Alif Baa, founded in 2014 to design and create exceptional enjoyable educational gaming apps.  The Alif Baa Team consist of qualified professionals including:

  • Academic Teachers
  • Technology Strategist
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Most important of all Parent and Children

With variety of professionals onboard you can always be sure to expect and receive a game that provides a fun, safe and enjoyable learning experience.